= Namib = General Considerations

1 ) povo muito simpático, humilde, tanto homens como mulheres existindo uma mega diversidade de feições diferentes pois eles têm povos de diferentes origens como os San, hetero, Hama(?) Entre outros. Um povo muito bonito as feições são delicadas ao jeito da forma de ser deles próprios.
2 ) during the day time cities can be very crowded specially during week days but with the sun going down the city’s cities became desert a very spooky thing.
3 ) this was the most odd thing I encountered so fare, the Namibian banks delivered in the ATM without any distinction Namibian dollars or South African rand, and in whatever commercial establishment you went you could pay with both currencies.
4) roads in Namibia- here you can finds kilometers and kilometres of tart road without any curve, you can drive for miles and miles without any need to move the wheel more than one small degree. 
5) has it was explained to me buying a house in Namibia is very expensive so most of the people can not afford it, instead they opt to live (well they don’t other option) in what is call ” townships”, which basically is, a place where it has been build over the years small houses with cheap constructions materials, they also give it a personal touch coloring the houses etc, for me it is a kind a mixture between “favela” and country/farm cottages. 
6) the People of this country had to really fight hard to get there country back from the German and then from the south african Apartheid, the herero people where slaughter, more than half off this people died, and just recent in 2010/2011 did the German made a formal excuse for what they did. But the fight the people of Namibia what to have to recuperate there country shows also the ability this people had to organize them self and to fight for what was right, men and woman fight side by side in the resistance, the SWAPO.

My last day here was on the 21 of march which is also the independence day of Namibia, this country began on the year 1999 so it is really a quite young country.
7 you don’t see garbage left in the streets or in the roads, everywhere here is more clean that in Portugal! 

A guy told me that the government has programs for educating people that are seen on the TV, and that at school that is also teached.
8 they drive likes the English (in the left part out of the road) and they drive pretty well. Also in many parts of the country it is against the law to drive at night, a very powerful way of avoiding the killing of “game”- meaning: wild animals.
9 this can’t be a easy country to life, is to hot most of the country, there scarcely water, and , has I said, the people is really nice. It is funny how a tuff(?) Place like this makes people more cooperate with which other. 
10 concerning health – this is not a good place to get sick, has hospital or other medical facilities are mostly found in the cities and the country is huge. Fortunately, until now, no problems, the food I’ve been eaten didn’t make me sick, they consume a lot of meat, they consider game meat quite a treat. So I’ve been eaten some meat, which…. causes… Fewer pooh pooh activities… 🙂 


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